The Stud

A rural oasis in Coonabarabran, The Gateway to The Warrumbungles.

We breed “forever horses” in our boutique stud with ride-ability without compromising performance.

Located in Coonabarabran NSW on the limestone river flats of the Castlereagh River, “Winegarden” was first settled as a vineyard by a German family in 1875 when its limey soils were identified as perfect for grapes. A hundred years later, the farm was chosen by the Doyle family of Sydney Restaurant fame as the spelling paddocks for their racehorses. In the eighties the property became an artist’s retreat and herb garden on the tour bus circuit.

Winegarden Warmbloods has been designed as a boutique stud with all the requirements to develop robustly healthy balanced youngsters and horses. Winegarden’s soils provide the trace minerals needed for healthy bone, muscle and hoof development. Our foals start life in the “nursery” next to the homestead so they can be observed at all times and handled. Youngsters then progress to the “playground”, a large open paddock for socialization with dam for splashing and stable access for protection from the weather. There is no better sight than foals running freely and safely together watched over by a herd of mares to create the necessary discipline for social confidence. Next stage of development is the “back country” – a very large open paddock which slopes down to the Castlereagh River: plenty of room to move and strengthen bones, soft tissues and confidence.

Closer to the house is a second set of stables (the winter stables) with lighting and hot and cold wash bay and a hill sloping down to the river – great for muscle development and cross country training later on.

Each of our horses receives full personal attention to its requirements to build strong, healthy, confident youngsters. They all receive regular nutritional, dental and farrier expertise.